Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
Chen Haiyan
Chen Haiyan, A Peach-Corn Tree on a Mudflat (detail), 2010, ink and colour on xuan paper, 360 x 438 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Ink Studio, Beijing.
Chen Shaoxiang--Ink Media
Chen Shaoxiang, Ink Media, 2014, ink on paper, still for video, 3 mins., 46 secs. Courtesy of the artist.
Ding Yi--Appearance of Crosses 2007–10
Ding Yi, Appearance of Crosses 2007–10, 2007, acrylic on tartan, 200 x 280 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
He Yunchang--One-meter Democracy
He Yunchang, One-meter Democracy, 2010, performance. Courtesy of the artist.
Chow Chun Fai
Chow Chun Fai, Supper at Emmaus (detail), 2014, photo installation, 142.4 x 177.8 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
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