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Robert Zhao
Robert Zhao Renhui, Changi, Singapore (detail), from the series As We Walked on Water, 2010–12, digital pigment print, 120.6 x 85 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Kadist Art Foundation.
Yeh Yi-Li, Kuso—Pink in Monet’s Garden (detail), 2008, singlechannel video, 2 mins., 11 secs. © Yeh Yi-Li, 2015. Courtesy of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei.
Panda Art Troupe
Zhao Bandi’s Panda Art Troupe performing at Shijiezi during the Spring Festival, 2008. Courtesy of Jin Le.
The Prayer Chair
Huang Yongping, The Prayer Chair, 2010, wood chair. Photo: Cecilia Fiorenza. Courtesy of the artist.
Writing in the Rain
FX Harnoso, Writing in the Rain, 2011, performance-installation, wood chair, desk, 24-inch television, single-channel video, 6 mins., 11 secs., dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.
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