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Yishu Art Edition Launch: Zhong Biao’s Dawn of Asia

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Yishu is pleased to offer our 7th limited edition print: Zhong Biao’s Dawn of Asia.

Zhong Biao is certainly at the nucleus of the young generation of artists active in China’s dynamic contemporary art scene. He is recognized for his compositions that address notions of time and space and depict the world around us, as well as question the destined nature of things everywhere and the influence of history’s precedence.

Dawn of Asia, a picture within a picture, captures Zhong Biao’s characteristic charcoal renderings, golden frames and fine acrylic embellishments. The framed picture within the picture portrays a herd of expressionless men and women dressed in 1980s-style, wheeling bicycles and walking away from the rays of light in the dawn sky; a young and modern-looking girl peers into the gilded frame and sees herself hurtling above the crowd toward the light as if she perceives hope in the distance. The contrast of a different time and space are brought together and divulge a speechless dialogue.

All editions are USD 400 each, and available only in Vancouver and Beijing. To purchase a Yishu edition print please send your request to Lara Broyde, lara@yishujournal.com or call 1.604.726.5909 (Canada), or contact Katherine Don, Kat@RedBoxStudio.cn or call +86.158.1018.9440 (China). You can also download this PDF order form.

NOTE: Each print is measured 210 by 295 mm, which is the equivalent size of the Journal, and is packaged in a special folder along with a certificate issued by Yishu Journal.

To order other Yishu art edition prints, please visit http://yishu-online.com/yishu-art-editions.

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