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CHECHEN SNIPERS SDF spokesman Talal Selo said on Tuesday that

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

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cheap Canada Goose cheap canada goose As for car bombs, they don’t use them every day, but if our forces are advancing down a street, then they deploy them.”As he spoke, a huge blast shook the building, and a plume of smoke rose from inside the Old City a car bomb had been hit by an air strike.The radio crackled with reports of SDF casualties. A medic working at the command post, who gave her name as Jiyan, did not give a figure for the number of wounded being brought in, but said it was lower than in some previous battles.CHECHEN SNIPERS SDF spokesman Talal Selo said on Tuesday that mines were slowing movement even where Islamic State known by its opponents as Daesh had withdrawn.”In the northern area there is no Daesh presence, but at the same time our forces are not getting closer in because Daesh has rigged these areas with enormous amounts of explosives and mines,” he said.Slideshow (2 Images)The further forces advance into Raqqa, the tougher it has become, fighters in Gabar’s unit and other SDF militias said. Cheap Canada Goose Militants from the Russian region of Chechnya were particularly deadly.”There are many snipers. cheap Canada Goose

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