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About Yishu

Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art is the first English language journal to focus on Chinese contemporary art and culture. Each bi-monthly issue features scholarly essays on topical issues, interviews with artists and curators, conference proceedings, and critical commentary on exhibitions and books. Yishu offers a platform for a wide range of voices who are living and telling the story of contemporary Chinese art from a diversity of perspectives, and who provide dialogue and debate around current visual and literary forms produced within what constitutes an expanded understanding of contemporary Chinese art.

Since its inauguration in May 2002, Yishu has raised its profile internationally to become one of the most respected journals devoted to contemporary Chinese art. Appealing to professionals in the art and academic fields, as well as art enthusiasts in general, Yishu is now the journal of record for the high quality coverage of issues and events pertinent to Chinese art today. Its high standard of critical writing by thinkers from around the world allows us to voice ideas that communicate across cultures.


Katy Hsiu-chih Chien, President
Art & Collection Group Ltd.

Yishu Editorial Staff

Keith Wallace
Editor Emeritus
Zheng Shengtian
Managing Editor
Rebecca Catching
Executive Editor
Diana Freundl
Executive Editor
Kate Steinmann
Senior Editor
Chunyee Li
Web Editor | Editor
Lara Broyde
Circulation Manager
  Sen Wong
Advertising Coordinator

Advisory Board

Judy Andrews, Ohio State University
Melissa Chiu, Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
John Clark, University of Sydney
Lynne Cooke, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Britta Erickson, Independent Scholar & Curator
Fan Di’an, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Fei Dawei, Independent Critic and Curator
Gao Minglu, University of Pittsburgh
Hou Hanru, MAXXI, Rome
Hu Fang, Vitamin Creative Space and the shop
Katie Hill, University of Westminster
Claire Hsu, Asia Art Archive
Martina Köppel-Yang, Independent Critic and Historian
Sebastian Lopez, Critic and Curator
Lu Jie, Long March Space
Charles Merewether, Critic and Curator
Apinan Poshyananda, Ministry of Culture, Thailand
Philip Tinari, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
Chia Chi Jason Wang, Independent Critic and Curator
Wu Hung, University of Chicago
Pauline J. Yao, West Kowloon of Cultural District

Collector, Editor, and Gallery Owner
American collector Mera Rubel, Gallery owner Ethan Cohen with Zheng Shengtian, Managing Editor of Yishu.
Swiss collector Uli Sigg
Swiss collector Uli Sigg visited Yishu booth at Art Basel.
German Dealer Lothar Albrecht
German Dealer Lothar Albrecht talked with Keith Wallace, Editor-in-Chief of Yishu.