Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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September 2008
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Volume 7, Number 5, September 2008

Inside this issue

Shanghai: Collective Existence and Individual Efforts—A World Curated by Artists
by Biljana Ciric
p. 8
The Early Years of Shanghai’s Emerging Artists
by Zhao Chuan
p. 14
How Can We Understand Shanghai’s Art Ecology?
by Jin Feng
p. 18
Us and Our Shanghai: A Dialogue Between Biljana Ciric and Song Tao
by Biljana Ciric
p. 20
A Conversation with Davide Quadrio on Cultural Development in Shanghai and the Complex Case of BizArt
by Defne Ayas
p. 30
Ding Yi: The Magician of Crosses
by Cao Weijun
p. 49
Human, Too Human: The Paintings of Zhang Enli
by Monica Dematté
p. 62
The 7th Shanghai Biennale 2008
by n/a
p. 72
Guggenheim Museum’s Asian Art Council Symposium Part 3: Exhibiting Asian Art—Alternative Models and Non-Western Paradigms
by Homi K. Bhabha, Hou Hanru, Yuko Hasegawa, Victoria Lu, Alexandra Munroe, Apinan Poshyananda
p. 76