Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Spring/March 2007
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Volume 6, Number 1, Spring/March 2007

Inside this issue

Death and Destruction in Bangkok
by Jonathan Napack
p. 8
Yishu Interview with Jonathan Napack
by Zheng Shengtian
p. 14
An Art Market with Chinese Characteristics
by Jonathan Napack
p. 16
Taipei Biennial 2006
by Susan Kendzulak
p. 19
Writing on The Wall (and Entry Gate): A Critical Response to Recent Curatorial Meditations on the "Chineseness" of Contemporary Chinese Visual Art
by Paul Gladston
p. 26
Starting from Zero: Wang Jianwei
by David Ho Yeung Chan
p. 34
Shock and Awe: An Interview with Cai Guo-Qiang
by John K. Grande
p. 39
A Conversation with Shen Yuan
by Cécile Bourne
p. 45
The Poetics of Engagement: Ed Pien and the Three-Dimensional World
by Joni Low
p. 50
A Response to the Yan’an Forum on Education in China
by Lisa Norton
p. 57
Interview with Zhu Naizheng
by Zheng Shengtian
p. 62
Cultures of Assessment: Distinctive Characteristics of Assessment in U.K. Art and Design Higher Education and their Implementation in China
by Allan Walker, Raz Barfield
p. 73
Some Thoughts on Art Game: An Experience of Agency in Contemporary Art
by Yü Christina Yü
p. 85
Building a Contemporary Art "Campus Aircraft Carrier"— A Discourse on How to Encourage Contemporary Questions About Art Among Taiwanese Youth
by Lin Ping
p. 91
Potentially Wise? The Boom in Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Education
by Jaspar K. W. Lau
p. 103
VITAL: International Chinese Live Art Festival—Reflecting on Contemporary Practices
by Andrew Mitchelson
p. 111
China Power Station: Part 1—Serpentine Gallery Offsite Project at the Battersea Power Station
by Nav Haq
p. 119
Review of 3030: New Photography in China
by Philip Tinari
p. 122
Cityscapes, Crazy Consumption, and Collective Memory: Chen Shaoxiong\'s Mimetic Reality
by Rosalind Holmes
p. 128