Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Fall/September 2006
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Volume 5, Number 3, Fall/September 2006

Inside this issue

Long March Yan'an Project
by Lu Jie
p. 5
Yan'an Forum on Art Education Sites
by n/a
p. 9
Yan'an Forum on Art Education Participants
by n/a
p. 12
Long March Yan'an Forum on Art Education
by n/a
p. 18
Letter from Gao Minglu
by Gao Minglu
p. 61
Letter from Zhu Qingsheng
by Zhu Qingsheng
p. 62
Sociological Problematics in Contemporary Art Education
by Li Gongming
p. 64
Aphasia/Loos of Words: Discussion on the State of Contemporary Art Education
by Yang Jinsong
p. 69
Master's Program in Contemporary Ar Curriculum
by Cai Guoqiang
p. 73
Chinese Experimental Art Education: Outline
by Qiu Zhijie
p. 76
Total Art” Based on Social Investigation
by Qiu Zhijie
p. 77
Modern & Revolutionary Art Education in China: A Chronology
by n/a
p. 86
Excerpts from Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art
by Mao Zedong
p. 87
Artworks for the Long March Yan'an Project
by n/a
p. 96
Yanchuan County Primary School Papercutting Art Education Curriculum as Proposed by the Long March Project
by n/a
p. 119
Long March Yan'an Site Visit Project
by n/a
p. 122