Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Summer/June 2006
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Volume 5, Number 2, Summer/June 2006

Inside this issue

How to Urbanize a Special Economic Zone? The 2005 Bienale of Urbanism and Architecture in Shenzhen
by Eduard Koegel
p. 6
The Authory of Beauty
by Sze Tsung Leong
p. 13
Cultural Memory: An International Symposium
by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker
p. 17
Fragmented Memory and Energy: Chinese Contemporary Art and Its Multiple Layers of Ideology
by Carol Yinghua Lu
p. 20
I'm a Lazy Person”: Interview with Tang Maohong
by Biljana Ciric
p. 28
Thin Slices: Michael Cherney's Images of China
by Hui-shu Lee
p. 37
One Person's Classics of Mountain and Sea: On Qin Yufen and Her Installation Art
by Bingyi Huang
p. 44
Knowledge and Illusion: On Hong Hao's Recent Works
by Yü Christina Yü
p. 53
Shi Jinsong: Na Zha Baby Boutique
by John Tancock
p. 59
Spinning Chinese Characters, Hebrew Letters, and Plain English: Robert Majzel's 85 Project
by Claire Huot
p. 65
No Snow on the Broken Bridge: Film and Video Installations by Yang Fudong
by Adele Tan
p. 75
Through Popular Expression, International Project Space, Birmingham, U.K.
by Sally Lai
p. 81
No “Local” is an Island
by Jaspar K. W. Lau
p. 85