Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Summer/June 2005
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Volume 4, Number 2, Summer/June 2005

Inside this issue

Opening remarks
by Richard Vinograd
p. 5
Re-Placing Contemporary Chinese Art
by Richard Vinograd
p. 6
by Michael Sullivan
p. 10
Prodigal Sons: Chinese Artists Return to the Homeland
by Melissa Chiu
p. 12
Between Truth and Fiction: Notes on Fakes, Copies and Authenticity in Contemporary Chinese Art
by Pauline J. Yao
p. 18
Ink Painting in the Contemporary Chinese Art World
by Shen Kuiyi
p. 25
by Richard Vinograd
p. 30
Reflections on the First Chinese Art Seminar/Workshop, San Diego 1991
by Zheng Shengtian
p. 32
Between the Worlds: Chinese Art at Biennials Since 1993
by John Clark
p. 40
Between Scylla and Charybdis: The New Context of Chinese Contemporary Art and Its Creation since 2000
by Pi Li
p. 56
Remarks: “Whose Stage Is It, Anyway?” Reflections on the Correlation of “Beauty” and International Exhibition Practices of Chinese Contemporary Art
by Francesca Dal Lago
p. 60
How Western People Support/Influence Contemporary Chinese Art
by Zhou Tiehai
p. 62
The Positioning of Chinese Contemporary Artworks in the International Art Market
by Uli Sigg
p. 64
Chinese Contemporary Art: At the Margin of the American Mainstream
by Jane Debevoise
p. 67
by Britta Erickson
p. 75
Artist Project: Zhou Tiehai
by Zhou Tiehai
p. 76
On the Edge Visiting Artists Program
by Britta Erickson
p. 86
On the Spot: The Stanford Visiting Artists Program
by Pauline J. Yao
p. 96
Review of On the Edge: Contemporary Chinese Artists Encounter the West
by Qing Pan
p. 99
Cantor Center for Arts Acknowledgements
by n/a
p. 106