Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Fall/September 2004
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Volume 3, Number 3, Fall/September 2004

Inside this issue

Intersection: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Photography and Oil Painting
by Wu Hung
p. 5
Eccentric Notes on Dissent: The Art of Zhu Wei
by Xenia Tetmajer von Przerwa
p. 17
Zhang O: In Transit
by Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky
p. 28
Mutations<>Connections: Cultural (Ex)Changes in Asian Diasporas. An Introduction
by Alice Ming Wei Jim
p. 32
Different Homes/Different Diasporas: Strategies of Survival for Chinese Overseas Artists
by Melissa Chiu
p. 34
Full Circle: Redefining Contemporary Asian Art and the Institution
by Pauline J. Yao
p. 40
Ticking the Boxes: Definition and Categorization in the Work of Chinese Artists in the UK
by Sally Lai
p. 46
Representation of Asian Canadian Identities in the Twenty-First Century
by Eleanor Ty
p. 50
Hyphen-Nation: Building Multicultural Narratives in the Classroom
by Ming Tiampo
p. 57
Retraining Tongues for Eyes: Food Exchanges in the Asian Diaspora
by Sneja Gunew
p. 62
Diasporic Becomings, Or How I Learned to Desire Contingency and Discontinuous Regeneration
by Randy Lee Cutler
p. 68
Notes on Planetarity and Curatorial Practice
by Rajdeep Singh Gill
p. 73
An Interview with Yang Fudong: The Uncertain Feeling. An Estranged Paradise
by Zhang Yaxuan
p. 81
The Way and Its Demons: Art, Politics, and Denial in Lyon
by Philip Tinari
p. 93
Situating the Inaugural Beijing Dashanzi Art Festival: The Gateway of Infinite Wonders in Wang Mai’s Work
by David Tung
p. 100