Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Spring/March 2004
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Volume 3, Number 1, Spring/March 2004

Inside this issue

PRD™ as a Global Brand
by Hu Fang
p. 5
From the Heart of Canton
by Martina Köppel-Yang
p. 7
Canton Express
by Hou Hanru
p. 14
An Express Train Without Destination
by Chen Tong
p. 17
The Ostentatious Pearl River Delta
by Feng Yuan, Yang Xiaoyan
p. 22
Anti-C.S.X.: A Discussion of Chen Shaoxiong’s Solo Exhibition
by n/a
p. 32
Barricades: The Big Tail Elephants
by Hou Hanru
p. 47
Para/Site and Hong Kong Art Spaces
by Leung Chi Wo
p. 56
Shadows of Time
by Ou Ning
p. 63
Contemporary Art in Macao
by António Conceição Júnior
p. 70
Review of the 2003 Hong Kong Biennale
by Jaspar K. W. Lau
p. 74
The Fifth System as New Psychological Spaces
by David Ho Yeung Chan
p. 77
The Syndrome of Asia: A Non-Western Experience and Representation
by Gao Shiming
p. 83
Earth Link and Cosmic Time
by Xu Jiang
p. 89
A Fresh Figure of Paradise
by Babak A. Tavassoli
p. 95
Towards a New Paradigm: Contemporary Art from Thailand and Nan Yang
by Jeab Gridthiya Gaweewong
p. 104