Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Summer/June 2003
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Volume 2, Number 2, Summer/June 2003

Inside this issue

Limbo Zone
by Lin Shu-min
p. 4
by Fan Di’an
p. 10
Navigating the Dot
by Para/Site Art Space
p. 17
Z.O.U.—Zone of Urgency
by Hou Hanru
p. 21
Big Tail Elephants in the 1990s
by Lin Yilin
p. 22
The U-thèque Organization: An End or a Beginning?
by Ou Ning
p. 33
Interview with Hou Hanru
by Ken Lum
p. 52
The Spectre of Being Human
by Charles Merewether
p. 58
The Contemporary Artistic Deconstruction—and Reconstruction—of Brush and Ink Painting
by Britta Erickson
p. 82
Art, Hong Kong, and Hybridity: A Task of Reconsideration
by Joan Kee
p. 90
Globalization and Chinese Contemporary Art
by Ni Tsai-chin
p. 99
Architectural Junctions: Where Contemporary Artists Play Up the Imagination of Architectural Space
by Zhang Qing
p. 105
Asian Contemporary Art in New York: A Curator\'s Perspective
by Melissa Chiu
p. 111
Looking Ahead: Dialogues in Asian Contemporary Art, November 8-9, 2002
p. 112
Too Much Flavor at Chambers Fine Art
by Xenia Tetmajer von Przerwa
p. 122
Miguel Trelles at Taller Boricua
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 124