Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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November/December 2009
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Volume 8, Number 6, November/December 2009

Inside this issue

Art Economies Beyond Pattern Recognition
by Biljana Ciric
p. 6
Everyone Curates: From Global Avant-garde to Local Reality
by Wang Meiqin
p. 20
On Connoisseurship in the Marketing of Contemporary Chinese Art
by Robert C. Morgan
p. 33
Orientalism and the Landscape of Contemporary Chinese Art
by Danielle Shang
p. 41
The Value of Painting as That of Cabbage and Thieves: On Li Dafang
by Carol Yinghua Lu
p. 51
Blind but not Foreign: Gao Weigang and the New Insider-Outsider Art
by Robin Peckham
p. 61
Shu Yong: Mediator of Bodies
by Erik Bordeleau
p. 68
Salvation and Return: An Analysis of Xu Jiang’s Recent Work
by Sun Shanchun
p. 77
Gao Shiqiang: Agonized Subjects in a Rapidly Changing Society
by Kim Hyunjin
p. 86
Floating and Theft in Wuhan
by Stacey Duff
p. 100