Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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November/December 2010
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Volume 9, Number 6, November/December 2010

Inside this issue

A Cry from the Narrow Between: Eros and Thanatos in the Works of Tejal Shah and Han Bing
by Maya Kovskaya
p. 6
Defending Criticism
by Sheng Wei
p. 20
Better City, Better Art? An Overview of Art at the World Expo 2010
by Xhingyu Chen
p. 25
Deconstructing an Encounter during the World Expo 2010: A Conversation with Charles Esche
by Defne Ayas
p. 35
Global Claims, Local Effects: Panel Discussion, Shanghai
by Charles Esche, Hyunjin Kim, Georg Schöllhammer, Defne Ayas
p. 44
Peasant Da Vincis: A Conversation with Cai Guo-Qiang
by Mathieu Borysevicz
p. 69
From the Edges of the Earth to Rehearsal: A Conversation with Gao Shiming
by Marie Leduc
p. 76
Recontextualizing Revolution: Yang Fudong and Kostis Velonis at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
by Stephanie Bailey
p. 87
The Beauty of Distance: Global Art in the Context of the 17th Sydney Biennale
by James Donald
p. 94
Mo Yi at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 102