Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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July/August 2017
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Volume 16, Number 4, July/August 2017

Inside this issue

The Atlas of Archives: Guest Editor’s Introduction
by Mia Yu
p. 6
Archival Flows: Fragment, Material, and Memory in/through the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
by Pan Lu
p. 14
The Archive as an Experimental Site: A Conversation with Claire Hsu
by Wu Mo
p. 25
Sheng Project: A Flâneur’s Archive
by Gao Shiming
p. 33
Notch the Boat to Find the Sword: Fei Dawei on Archiving the ’85 New Wave Movement and Beyond
by Yuan Fuca
p. 42
Bio-Archiving: Shenyang Underground Music as History, Awareness of Life, and Art in Action
by Dong Bingfeng
p. 49
Archiving Apartment Art: An Interview with Gao Minglu
by Madeline Eschenburg
p. 56
Pondering the Present vis-à-vis Reflecting on the Past: A Conversation with Liu Ding on Research-based Curating
by Yang Tiange
p. 63
Manchukuo and the Northeast Asian Modern: A Performative Museum Enacted in/as Royce Ng’s Kishi the Vampire
by You Mi
p. 71
The Anxiety and Urgency of History: Pan Lu in Conversation with Lee Kai Chung and Teng Chao-Ming
by Pan Lu
p. 77
From the Excess of Image to the Resurgence of Archive
by Nikita Yingqian Cai
p. 87
Self-Archivization: Chen Zhe’s Towards Evening: Six Chapters
by Xu Tingting
p. 96
The Lexicon of Amnesia: A Conversation with Wang Tuo
by Li Jia
p. 105