Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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November/December 2017
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Volume 16, Number 6, November/December 2017

Inside this issue

Introduction: Art and China after 1989: New Perspectives
by Alexandra Munroe and Philip Tinari
p. 9
China in/and/is the World
by Lily Chumley
p. 11
Forging a New Dialogue: Public Art in 1990s China
by Vivian Y. Li
p. 14
A New Look at Chine demain pour hier
by Lesley Ma
p. 27
Doubled Meanings: Reading Wang Gongxin’s The Sky of Brooklyn—Digging a Hole in China
by Katherine Grube
p. 36
Conceptual Photography as History: Fragmentation, Dislocation, and the Historical Imaginary in China, 1988–1998
by James Poborsa
p. 43
Black, White, and Grey: Ai Weiwei in Beijing, 1993– 1997
by Stephanie Tung
p. 55
Branching Paths to Self-Liberation
by Lu Mingjun
p. 65
Where There Are No Art Circles: The Long March Project and New Geographies of Chinese Contemporary Art
by Timothy Shea
p. 77
Locality in Flux: Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s Amphibious (Login-Logout) and Cao Fei’s Whose Utopia
by Wu Yao
p. 84
Documenting Exhibitions of Contemporary Chinese Art During the 1980s and 1990s
by Anthony Yung
p. 92
Keynote: The Plight of Chinese Art in the Post-Olympic Era
by Pi Li
p. 100