Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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January / February 2009
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Volume 8, Number 1, January / February 2009

Inside this issue

Premature Farewell and Recycled Urbanism: Guangzhou Triennial and Shanghai Biennale in 2008
by Hilary Tsui
p. 6
Post-West: Guangzhou Triennial, Taipei Biennial, and Singapore Biennale
by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker
p. 16
by Elsa Hsiang-chun Chen
p. 30
Biennials and the Circulation of Contemporary Asian Art
by John Clark
p. 32
Periodical Exhibitions in China: Diversity of Motivation and Format
by Britta Erickson
p. 41
Who’s Speaking? Who’s Listening? The Post-colonial and the Transnational in Contestation and the Strategies of the Taipei Biennial and the Beijing International Art Biennale
by Kao Chien-hui
p. 47
Contradictions, Violence, and Multiplicity in the Globalization of Culture: The Gwangju Biennale
by Sohl Lee
p. 54
The Imagined Trans-Asian Community and the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale
by Elsa Hsiang-chun Chen
p. 61
Excerpts fom Yang Shaobin’s Notebook: A Textual Interpretation of X-Blind Spot
by Long March Writing Group
p. 67
Li Yifan: From Social Archives to Social Project
by Bao Dong
p. 78
Art and China’s Revolution
by Barbara Pollack
p. 84
Zheng Shengtian and Hank Bull in Conversation about the Exhibition Art and China’s Revolution, Asia Society, New York
by Hank Bull
p. 88
Red, Smooth, and Ethnically Unified: Ethnic Minorities in Propaganda Posters of the People’s Republic of China
by Micki McCoy
p. 94
Chen Jiagang: The Great Third Front
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 101
AAA Project: Review of A-Z, 26 Locations to Put Everything
by Melissa Lam
p. 106