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Contemporary Chinese Art: The Ripple Effect
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Contemporary Chinese Art: The Ripple Effect

Volume 19, Number 5/6, November/December 2020
by Claire Roberts

Article Description

In this essay, Claire Roberts reflects on some of the major developments that have taken place in contemporary Chinese art over the past twenty years.

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Claire Roberts, Yishu, Ken Lum, Zheng Shengtian, Johnson Chang (Chang Tsong-zung), MAO GOES POP: China Post 1989, 1993, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Wang Gongxin, The Sky of Brooklyn—Digging a Hole in Beijing, Ai Weiwei, China Art Archive and Warehouse (CAAW), Hans van Dijk, Frank Uytterhaegen, 85 New Wave, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Huang Rui, Long Museum, White Rabbit Collection, Power Station of Art, Asia Art Archive, Art Asia Pacific