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The China Project
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The China Project

Volume 8, Number 5, September/October 2009
by Inga Walton

Article Description

Review of The China Project at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

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Inga Walton, Three Decades: The Contemporary Chinese Collection, Zhang Xiaogang: Shadows in the Soul, William Yang: Life Lines, Three Chinese Directors, Queensland Art Gallery, The China Project, Cynical Realism, Political Pop, Wang Qingsong, China Red, Commercial War, personality prints, da zi bao, Ah Xian, Xu Zhen, ShanghArt Supermarket, Liu Ji Xian, Human, Human—Lotus, Heavy Wounds, Metaphysica, Human, Human—Carved Lacquer Bust 1, Dragon, Wang Wenhai, Mao Zedong, Li Zhensheng, News Soldier, Pillar through Round Table, Reading of “A letter to peasants from the Central Committee of the Communist Party”, Zhou Xiaohu, Utopian Theatre, Ai Weiwei, Table with Two Legs on the Wall, Xu Bing, A Book from the Sky, Echo, Guan Wei, Zhang Peili, Endless Dancing, Chen Zhen, Invocation of Washing Fire, Ni Haifeng, He Yunchang, Qiu Zhijie, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Huan, Guishan (1982) and The Ghost Between Black and White, Bloodline: The Big Family, Amnesia and Memory, Duplicated Space, In Out, Reincarnation, Red Moon, Noiseless World, Yin and Yang, New Year’s Eve, William in Scholar’s Costume, Xie Jin,