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Cubism Revisited: The Late Work of Lin
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Cubism Revisited: The Late Work of Lin Fengmian

Volume 9, Number 4, July/August 2010
by Tianyue Jiang

Article Description

Tianyue Jiang’s text on the important Chinese modernist, Lin Fengmian, takes a more historical perspective by examining the influence of Cubism and the inherent Chineseness that remains embedded in his work in spite of his employment of a Western stylistic genre.

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Lin Fengmian, Tianyue Jiang, Facets of Life, All the World Is a Stage, modernism, Groping, Sorrow, Humanity, Suffering, The War of the Red Cliff, Christ, Qu Yuan, The Snow Mountain, Cubism, opera-figure painting, calligraphy, Arresting and Questioning