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Art Geography and the Urban Map of Power
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Art Geography and the Urban Map of Power

Volume 9, Number 5, September/October 2010
by C. J. Anderson-Wu

Article Description

C. J. Anderson-Wu’s text provides a perspective on the relationship between art and urban planning by examining three events that recently took place in Taipei—in the Huashan Art District, on Treasure Hill, and in Bark Peeling Street. She discusses the issue of how, in this age of globalization, speculative real estate developers and policy makers, adopting the idea of creative industries, see using off-site art as the shortest route to urban regeneration and development. She also raises the dilemma of how artists might become used as contributors in the process of gentrification.

Related Keywords

off-site art, C. J. Anderson-Wu, urban planning, Huashan Art District, Treasure Hill, Bark Peeling Street, globalization, urban regeneration, gentrification