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Transexperiencing Chen Zhen’s Art
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Transexperiencing Chen Zhen’s Art

Volume 12, Number 1, January/February 2013
by Amjad Majid

Article Description

Amjad Majid looks at specific artworks by the late Chen Zhen to coax out their complex transcultural references.

Related Keywords

Amjad Majid, Chen Zhen, transexperience, transculturation, cultural hybridity, Même lit, rêves diffèrents (1999), Crystal Landscape of the Inner Body (2000), Un-interrupted Voice (1998), Les textes de la lumière/La lumière des textes (1992), Short-circuit (1999), Un village sans frontières (2000), Exciting Delivery (1999), Six Roots/Memory (2000), Le bureau de change (1996-2004), and La désinfection (1997)