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Pi Li
Pi Li is an independent curator of visual arts. Exhibitions he has curated include Fantasia (Donga Ilbo Art Museum in Seoul, 2001, Eastern Modern Art Center in Beijing, 2002),Moist: Asia-Pacific Multi-Media (Millennium Museum, Beijing, 2002) and Image is Power (He Xiangning Art Museum, 2002). He was the assistant curator for Chinese Pavilion of São Paulo Biennial (2002), Shanghai Biennale (2002) and Alors, la Chine? (Centre Georges Pompidou, France, 2003). He has published the books Post-modernism Sculpture (1999) and Time of Curators (2003). Pi Li was the founder of Website arts.tom.com, chief editor of Contemporary Art Magazine, and director of Chinese Contemporary Art Awards 2001. In 2004, he founded Debo Films together with Wang Xiaoshuai which supports independent film and young Chinese directors.
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Keynote: The Plight of Chinese Art in the Post-Olympic Era
Volume 16, Number 6, November/December 2017
by Pi Li
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