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Scott Albright
Scott Albright is a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Hilo studying China- U.S. Relations. He is a former newspaper reporter for The Independent, in Edgewood, New Mexico, and aspires to be a college professor in international relations. His interests are in politics and the shaping of foreign policy through cultural soft power. Albright spent a third of his life travelling abroad as a student and serving in the military. While overseas he became fascinated with the cultural diversity of the human race and has since focused his efforts on figuring out how to incorporate this diversity into the political realm in a way that will be beneficial to as many elements of society as possible. More of his work can be found online at chinausrelations.com and militarytalkshop.blogspot.com.
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Xu Bing: Transcending Culture
Volume 10, Number 5, September/October 2011
by Scott Albright
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