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The Four-Volume Collected Essays by Yishu’s Managing Editor Zheng Shengtian Are Now Available at Imagokinetics Lab

Friday, August 1st, 2014

The Four-Volume Collected Essays by Yishu’s Managing Editor Zheng Shengtian are now available at Imagokinetics Lab (想象力学实验室) http://www.imagokinetics.com/archives/960?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0

This four-volume book includes a collection of his essays on visual art, cultural exchange, biennales and art fairs since the 1980s. The Collection also features a memoir of his personal story. This book contains over 500,000 words and more than 300 coloured images to provide a first hand observation of thirty years of development in contemporary Chinese art.

About Zheng Shengtian:

Zheng Shengtian, Managing Editor of Yishu, is a scholar, artist, and independent curator. For more than thirty years he worked at China Academy of Art as Professor and Chair of the Oil Painting Department. He was a founder and board member of the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian from 1999 to 2011. He has been a board member of Asia Art Archive in North America since 2009 and a Trustee of the Vancouver Art Gallery since 2011. As an independent curator, he has co-organized numerous exhibitions including the Shanghai Modern at Museum Villa Stuck in Munich and Art and China’s Revolution at Asia Society in New York. He is currently the Senior Curator for Asia with the Vancouver Biennale. He contributes frequently to periodicals and catalogues about contemporary and Asian art.

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