Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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November/December 2019
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Volume 18, Number 6, November/December 2019

Inside this issue

The 58th Venice Biennale: A Twenty-Year Opening
by Stephanie Bailey
p. 6
Solidarity in Interesting Times: Hong Kong and Taiwan at the 58th Venice Biennale 2019
by Vennes Cheng Sau-Wai
p. 23
Negotiating Time Differences Now Is the Time: 2019 Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition
by Julie Chun
p. 35
Imagining Fusang: Exploring Chinese and Indigenous Encounters
by Haema Sivanesan
p. 50
Identity Politics and Cultural Hybridity in Zheng Bo’s Sing for Her
by Yeung Tin Ping
p. 68
Siyuan Tan at Fou Gallery
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 86
Rethinking Chinese Ink Painting in the Context of Sinophone Studies
by Kunlin He
p. 94