Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Fall/Winter 2021
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Current Issue

Volume 20, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2021

Inside this issue

On Fung Man Yee’s Interview with Ricky Yeung
by Asia Art Archive
p. 8
We Are the World: Reality and Absurdity—An Interview with Ricky Sau Churk Yeung, Fung Man Yee and Cheung Suet Fong
by Fung Man Yee, Cheung Suet Fong
p. 9
Hong Kong as a Place from Afar
by Henry Heng Lu
p. 17
The Spatial and Aural Expression of Displacement in Jia Zhangke’s Mountains May Depart
by Xaviera Xiao
p. 25
The Queer Global South: Enacting Minor Transnationalism Between China and Africa
by Hongwei Bao
p. 35
Transnational Chinese Theatres in Pandemic Times
by Rossella Ferrari
p. 47
Hong Kong, Xianggang (1980–1997)
by Greg Girard
p. 52
by Jacky Yuen
p. 63
Forget Not
by Derek Chung
p. 65
Words Spoken into the Wind
by Liu Waitong
p. 65
by Cao Shuying
p. 66
Diasporic Drifts: A Visualization of Diverse Chineseness
by Vennes Cheng Sauwai
p. 69
We Become . . . On History’s Embodied Glitches
by Stephanie Bailey
p. 81
The Door Opens: China’s “New” Art Comes to America
by Marie Leduc
p. 95
How a Yawn Became Ideologized: A Study of the 1993 The New York Times Magazine Cover Story on Chinese Contemporary Art
by Su Dianna
p. 111
Outsider Art Fairs Have Become the New “Insiders”
by Gu Ling
p. 121