Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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July 2008
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Volume 7, Number 4, July 2008

Inside this issue

A Conversation with Ai Weiwei
by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker
p. 10
The Beijing Biennale: The Politics of Chinese Characteristics
by Wang Meiqin
p. 20
Framed Authors: Photography and Conceptual Art from Dafen Village
by Winnie Won Yin Wong
p. 32
Guggenheim Museum’s Asian Art Council Symposium Part 2: Asian Art in Context: A Nation-Based, Inter-Asia, or International Paradigm?
by Alexandra Munroe, Geeta Kapur, Wang Hui, Yuko Hasegawa, David Joselit
p. 44
A Specific Voice: A Conversation Between Cao Fei and Doryun Chong, with Contributions from Hu Fang, Zhang Wei, and Keith Wallace
by Cao Fei, Doryun Chong, Hu Fang, Zhang Wei, Keith Wallace
p. 52
Chan-Da-da(o)-De-construction or, The Cultural (Il)Logic of Contemporary Chinese “Avant-Garde” Art
by Paul Gladston
p. 63
Zeng Fanzhi: A Marxist Critique
by Robert C. Morgan
p. 70
Interview with Jonathan Crary
by Lee Chia-Ling
p. 76
Asking For It: Everyday Neurosis in Chinese Contemporary Art
by Voon Pow Bartlett
p. 82
Mellow Fever: Some Notes on the Rhetoric of the Asian Image and the Temporality of Realism
by Beatrice Leanza
p. 89
Body Language: Contemporary Chinese Photography
by Inga Walton
p. 95
Subjective Endeavours. Re-Imagining Asia: A Thousand Years of Separation
by Birgit Hopfener
p. 100