Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Winter/December 2003
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Volume 2, Number 4, Winter/December 2003

Inside this issue

Singapore, Shanghai, Jakarta, Kansas City
by Raechell Smith
p. 4
China Reinvented: The Art of Overseas Chinese Artists in the United States
by Melissa Chiu
p. 7
Why Hair?
by Xu Gan
p. 10
New with Old: Gu Wenda’s Art and Chinese Traditions.
by Yang Xiaoneng
p. 13
Gu Wenda’s United Nations: A Consideration of Two Monuments
by David Cateforis
p. 18
Beyond the Body
by Mark Bessire
p. 25
Symposium Discussion
by n/a
p. 27
Landscape as a Cultural Consciousness in Contemporary Chinese Art
by Sheng Kuiyi
p. 33
Swinging on Hyphenation: An Inquiry into the Construct of an Asian American Art
by Wang Shipu
p. 41
Ornament as Knowledge, Ornament as Desire: The Art of Emily Cheng
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 52
A Strange Heaven: Contemporary Chinese Photography
by Chang Tsong-zung
p. 59
The Cement of Hong Kong
by Jaspar Lau Kin Wah
p. 68
The Leftovers of Translation: The Works of Shen Yuan
by Gilane Tawadros
p. 78
Review of the Inaugural Beijing Biennale
by Karen Smith
p. 88
Tseng Kwong Chi at Chambers Fine Art
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 91