Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Fall/November 2002
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Volume 1, Number 3, Fall/November 2002

Inside this issue

A “Domestic Turn:” Chinese Experimental Art in the 1990s
by Wu Hung
p. 3
Illusion of Reality a Real Illusion: An Overview of Contemporary Taiwanese Art
by Yao Jui-Chung
p. 18
Contemporary Art with Chinese Characteristics: Shen Fan, Ding Yi, and Xu Zhen
by Amy Pederson
p. 27
Globalization, Urbanization, and New Chinese Art
by Zhang Zhaohui
p. 44
Long March: A Walking Visual Exhibition
by Lu Jie and Qiu Zhijie
p. 55
A Conversation with Lu Jie
by Philip Tinari
p. 60
The Long March to Lugu Lake: A Dialogue with Judy Chicago
by Sasha S. Welland
p. 69
International Symposium – Curating in a Chinese Context
by Denise Blake Oleksijczuk
p. 76
2002 Zunyi International Symposium
p. 79
Enhancing Variety Versus Diluting Diversity
by Monica Dematté
p. 118
D11: The Politics of Temporal Pluralities
by David Ho Yeung Chan
p. 121