Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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March/April 2011
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Volume 10, Number 2, March/April 2011

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Introduction: Long March Project—Ho Chi Minh Trail
p. 4
N000 [--illegible--]
p. 6
Artists in a State of Anxiety
p. 12
Building a Yellow Light Commonwealth
p. 19
History and Narration
p. 32
Cambodian History, 1975–1979: Excerpt from a Public School Grade 12 Textbook
p. 36
Historical Void, Memory, and Archive
p. 42
Transnationalism in Translation (A Tracing)
by Nguyen Nhu Huy, Viet Le
p. 52
How Can Artists Be Politically Radical?
by Lu Xinghua
p. 70
On the Ho Chi Minh Trail
by Gao Shiming
p. 72
Walking on the Trail
p. 79
Long March Project—Ho Chi Minh Trail, 2008–2010
p. 93
Long Marchers on the Road: Biographies
p. 98