Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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September / October 2009
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Volume 8, Number 5, September / October 2009

Inside this issue

Making Worlds: The 53rd Venice Biennale
by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker
p. 6
A Be-Coming Future: The Unweaving and Rebuilding of the Local
by Gao Shiming
p. 29
The Snake and the Duck: On Huang Yong Ping
by Ryan Holmberg
p. 38
Objectivity, Absurdity, and Social Critique: A Conversation with Hou Hanru
by Michael Zheng
p. 47
A Conversation with Hu Xiaoyuan and Qiu Xiaofei
by Danielle Shang
p. 62
Dreaming through Art: On Chen Hui-chiao
by Chia Chi Jason Wang
p. 69
The China Project
by Inga Walton
p. 75
Qiu Zhijie at Chambers Fine Art
by Jonathan Goodman
p. 89
The Visual Roots of a Public Intellectual’s Social Conscience: Ai Weiwei’s New York Photographs
by Maya Kovskaya
p. 95
Shan Shan Sheng’s Open Wall
by Inhee Iris Moon
p. 101