Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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March/April 2012
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Volume 11, Number 2, March/April 2012

Inside this issue

Thread and Bone: An Interview with Lin Tianmiao
by Peggy Wang
p. 6
Lin Tianmiao’s New Works: Dem Bones
by Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky
p. 20
Multiply It and Fake It: On Ai Weiwei
by Danielle Shang
p. 34
Little Movements: Self-practice in Contemporary Art and A Museum That is Not
by Edward Sanderson
p. 49
Art Institutions: Critique and Its Institution
by Zhou Yan
p. 64
A Review of the 2011 Chengdu Biennale
by Sophia Kidd
p. 74
The Culture of Abstractions
by Stephanie Bailey
p. 89
Lee Kit: Henry (Have You Ever Been So Low?)
by Mandy Ginson
p. 102