Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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March/April 2014
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Volume 13, Number 2 , March/April 2014

Inside this issue

Sites of Construction: Exhibitions and the Making of Recent Art History in Asia
by Hammad Nasar
p. 8
The Expanding Field
by Irit Rogoff
p. 12
Asian Biennials: History, Practices, and Literature
by John Clark
p. 20
The Symphony of Histories, the Emancipation of People
by Gao Shiming
p. 32
The Exhibition Site: Introduction
by Iftikhar Dadi
p. 40
Exhibition-making, Canon-building, and the Ethics of Curating in Transcultural Contexts—subTerrain. Artworks in the Cityfold and Politics of Fun
by Annette Bhagwati
p. 42
Ghar Pe: At Home in the Margins of Contemporary Art
by Atreyee Gupta
p. 53
Polemical Position—In Search of a Subject
by Daniel Kurjakovic
p. 62
The Exhibition As Cartographic Articulation: Introduction
by Joan Kee
p. 70
Metaphor as Method: Curating Regionalism in Mainland Southeast Asia
by Pamela N. Corey
p. 72
Converging Extremes: Exhibitions and Historical Sightlines in 1990s Malaysia
by Simon Soon
p. 85
Polemical Position—Idealized Enclosures: Three Spatial Possibilities Around the Idea of the Exhibition
by Sophie Ernst
p. 98
The Exhibition As Historical Proposition: Introduction
by Patrick D. Flores
p. 103
Exhibiting Modern Asian Art in Southeast Asia
by Kevin Chua
p. 105
Exhibitions and the City: To Accelerate or Pause? Two Case Studies
by Lucy Steeds
p. 117
Polemical Position—Art’s Great Leap in Hong Kong and its Denial of the Local
by Lau Kin Wah
p. 127