Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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March/April 2016
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Volume 15, Number 2, March/April 2016

Inside this issue

Epiphany of Objects: Maleonn’s Papa’s Time Machine
by Julie Chun
p. 6
Frog King: Totem: An Evolution
by Valerie C. Doran
p. 21
Frog King: Always a Step Ahead
by Christie Lee
p. 39
A Conversation with Lee Ufan
by Stephanie Chou Wanjing
p. 44
Really, Socialism?!
by Kang Kang
p. 52
New Man: Liu Ding’s Approach and Situation
by Luan Zhichao
p. 60
Episteme of Multiple Histories
by Julie Chun
p. 74
Conversation with Siu King-Chung about the Community Museum Project
by Sally Lai
p. 97