Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
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January/February 2017
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Volume 16, Number 1, January/February 2017

Inside this issue

Lee Mingwei: Relating to Art and Artists in the Twenty-First Century
by Rachel Ng
p. 6
nothingness was not: A New World
by Voon Pow Bartlett
p. 22
Being, Becoming, Landscape: The Iconography of Landscape in Contemporary Chinese Art, Its Ecological Impulse, and Its Ethical Project
by Elena Macrì
p. 32
A Missing Story in Havana: A Conversation with Juan Moreira
by Zheng Shengtian
p. 44
Josh Hon: Dead Water Convulsion— Hong Kong—1980s
by Leung Chi Wo
p. 57
A Conversation with Wong Wai Yin
by Phoebe Wong
p. 66
Containers, Napoleon’s Bicorne Hat, Snake: Huang Yong Ping Talks about Empires at Monumenta, Paris
by Yu Hsiao Hwei
p. 77
Amazing Grace: Contemporary Chinese Christian Art
by Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky
p. 90