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In Retrospect
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In Retrospect

Volume 19, Number 5/6, November/December 2020
by Barbara London

Article Description

Barbara London's personal account on how her fascination with contemporary Chinese art began; and her lifelong interest in discovering how emerging artists see the world and interrogating electronic new media's perpetually evolving artistic forms.

Related Keywords

Barbara London, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), video art, new media, STIR-FRY, Wang Gongxin, The Sky of Brooklyn—Digging a Hole in Beijing, Lin Tianmiao, Proliferation of Thread Winding, Yang Zhengzhong, Fish Bowl, Cao Fei, SL avatar: China Tracy, RMB CITY: A Second Life City Planning, Xu Wang, Summer Wind Before Rain, Cici Wu, Unfinished Return, Lu Yang, Neurocore, Wang Mowen, Trinity, afterbefore: images and sounds from Hong Kong