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Lost and Found: In Search of Shanghai\'s Art History
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Lost and Found: In Search of Shanghai's Art History

Volume 9, Number 1, January/February 2010
by Rebecca Catching

Article Description

Review of History in the Making, an exhibition which attempts to delve seriously into the history of contemporary art in Shanghai from the 1980s on; this exhibition also resurrects a number of works that have not been in public view for years.

Related Keywords

History in the Making: Shanghai 1979-2009, Shanghai history, Biljana Ciric, Shanghai, Political Pop, Cynical Realism, Ding Yi, Cross, Fan Di'an, Wang Nanming, Gao Minglu, Fei Dawei, Zhao Chuan, New Wave, torturing of the physical body, the Last Supper, textile sculpture, Continuing to Spread the Situation, Adding One Concept on Top of Another, exhibition review