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History and Narration
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History and Narration

Volume 10, Number 2, March/April 2011

Article Description

June 16, 2010, Phnom Penh. Long March Project met with intellectual and educator Ly Daravuth at Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture. The night before, the project’s team of travelling artists and thinkers had engaged in a heated three-hour debate in a public conference at Metahouse gallery with Cambodian social activists, architects, schoolteachers, and filmmakers. The speakers wrestled with local feelings of unease about the open nature of the project, as well as questions about the reasoning behind the naming of the Ho Chi Minh Trail Project. In Long March Project’s dialogue with Ly Daravuth, discussion topics from the previous night developed into deeper issues about history and narration surrounding the historical Ho Chi Minh Trail today. This text is a partial transcription of their dialogue at Reyum Institute.

Related Keywords

Long March Project—Ho Chi Minh Trail Project, Cambodian history, narration, Ly Daravuth, Lu Jie, Reyum Institute