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An Antithesis to Conceptualism:
On Zhang Peili
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An Antithesis to Conceptualism: On Zhang Peili

Volume 10, Number 6, November/December 2011
by Huang Zhuan

Article Description

Huang Zhuan surveys the work of Zhang Peili and ties together various aspects, primary among them his important contribution to the evolution of video art in China, that have distinguished his work during a twenty-five year career.

Related Keywords

conceptualism, Zhang Peili, Huang Zhuan, video art, 30 x 30, (Hygiene) Permit No. 3, Imprecise Stimulation, Continuously Expanded, Relative Space, Water—Full Dictionary Standard Edition, Focal Length, Dialogue, Last Word, Happiness, Short Remarks, Forward, Forward, A Gust of Wind, Mute