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Annysa Ng: A Matter of Life and Death
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Annysa Ng: A Matter of Life and Death

Volume 10, Number 6, November/December 2011
by Stephanie Bailey

Article Description

Stephanie Bailey interviews Annysa Ng, a Hong Kong-born artists who now lives and works in North America. Ng explores different artistic mediums and iconography, and is interested in subliminal states of consciousness, the supernatural, and the occult. And within this lies a strong influence of storytelling that draws upon traditional Chinese legend, myth, and opera as sources for her work.

Related Keywords

Annysa Ng, Stephanie Bailey, subliminal, consciousness, the supernatural, occult, Level, A Woman with a Pearl Necklace, Ritual, Veil, Who Is the Dreamer, Tea Silk and Porcelain, Empress V, Searching