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Case Studies: Asia-Pacific—Part B. Taipei Biennial
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Case Studies: Asia-Pacific—Part B. Taipei Biennial

Volume 12, Number 3, May/June 2013
by Chang Fang-Wei

Article Description

In this case study, Chang Fang-Wei, currently the Director of Biennial and International Projects Office of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, outlines the changes that have occurred within the Taipei Biennial since the Biennial Office was established, including a shift in emphasis from objects to process strategies, and what this means in the current political, social, and institutional reality. Additionally, the study reflects on experiences exchanged among individuals and professionals, such as curators, staff, critics, audiences, administrators, etc, and lays out a critical overview of the Biennial Office.

Related Keywords

Chang Fang-Wei, World Biennial Forum, Taipei Biennial, the Biennial Office, curating