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New Boundaries of Contemporary Art from Taiwan
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New Boundaries of Contemporary Art from Taiwan

Volume 14, Number 2, March/April 2015
by Li Yu-Chieh

Article Description

Yu-Chieh Li reviews an exhibition at Cornell University, one of the few group exhibitions of contemporary art from Taiwan to be seen outside of Taiwan, and questions why internationally, and compared to work from the rest of greater China, so little attention is given to the distinct art that has emerged from this island.

Related Keywords

Yu-Chieh Li, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Jie (Boundaries): Contemporary Art From Taiwan, An-yi Pan, national identity, Tu Wei-Cheng, Yuan Jai, Huang Chin-Hua, Lin Hsin-Yueh, Chen Chieh-Jen, Chen Ching-Yuan, Tu Pei-Shih, Yu Cheng-Ta, Agi Chen, Hsu Wei-Hui, Lo Chan-Peng, Yeh Yi-Li