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Andrew Stooke
Andrew Stooke is a writer, artist, and researcher based in Shanghai and London. Their recent work considers innovative approaches to the documentation of durational performance such as, circumnavigating tidal islands in the UK and the USA for Project Anywhere: Artistic Research at the Outermost Limits of Location Specificity. Stooke participates in a collaboration We Rachmaninov with composer Wang Wenjing to create simultaneous musical improvisations taking place on op- posite sides of the globe. The performance was featured in 1.5 Tons Festival’s Impossible Bands at the Shanghai Power Station of Art in 2017. Other recent projects, involv- ing live actions, sound, and video, have been featured on various platforms, including nowness.com; archinect.com; Fågelbo Festival, Fort Lauderdale; MOSTYN Gallery, Llandudno; New School, New York; Chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai; Echo M64 and Hu Club, Shanghai; Asia Now, Paris; and Bideodromo, Bilbao. Stooke’s writing on society, contemporary art, and media can be enjoyed in print and through online publications including Art Asia Pacific, frieze, hyperallergic, Art Africa, Flash Art, Art Monthly, Public, Mia, Kaleidoscope, Art Spectacle Asia, Collector, Galleries magazine of Guangdong Times Museum, ArtRadar, Third Text, and Ran Dian.
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