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Clement Huang
The Long March Project, conceived in 1999, is an ongoing curatorial initiative based in Beijing. “A Walking Visual Display” (2002) is the organization’s inaugural and foundational venture. Every initiative is conceived within a specific context and concerns that each endeavour calls for. The Long March Project endeavours to continue to probe into the economy of contemporary visual culture, anchored to topics related to artistic production. Besides the aforementioned inaugural project, further selections include: “The Power of the Public Realm” (2003-2004), “The Great Survey of Papercuttings in Yanchuan County”(2004), “Chinatown”(2005-2007), “Yang Shaobin: Mining Project”(2004-2008), “Yan’an”(2006-2007), “Avant-Garde”(2005-2007), “Ho Chi Minh Trail”(2008-2010), “Rhizome Forum”(2010-2011), “Sheng Project”(2015-ongoing).
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Marching Between the Local and the International: The Long March Project and Long March Space
Volume 19, Number 5/6, November/December 2020
by Clement Huang, Shen Jun, Theresa Liang, and Lu Jie
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