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Midori Matsui
Midori Matsui is a Tokyo-based art critic and scholar. She received her B.A. from Sophia University, Tokyo, M.A. from the University of Tokyo, and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University (1996). She has held teaching positions at Tohoku University, Meiji Gakuin University, and Musashino Art University, and is currently teaching contemporary art and theory at Tama Art University. She is a reviewer for Artforum International and Flash Art International. She is the author of The Age of Micropop: The New Generation of Japanese Artists (Tokyo: Parco Press, 2007) and Art in a New World: Post-Modern Art in Perspective (Tokyo: Asahi Press, 2002). She has also written on contemporary Japanese art for numerous exhibition catalogues and books, including Painting at the Edge of the World (Walker Art Center, 2001), Little Boy: The Art of Japan’s Exploding Subculture (Japan Society, 2005), and Copyright Murakami (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2007). In 2007, she curated the exhibition The Door into Summer: The Age of Micropop for Art Center Mito, Japan.
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Guggenheim Museum’s Asian Art Council: Contemporary Reflections on Modernity in Asia
Volume 9, Number 3, May/June 2010
by Xu Bing, Layla S. Diba, Geeta Kapur, Midori Matsui, Alexandra Munroe
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