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Wang Nanming
Wang Nanming is an independent curator and artist. Regarded as one of the most influential critics in the field of Chinese contemporary art, he is a crucial advocate of “avant-garde,\" “post-avant-garde,” and “met-avant-garde” within the Chinese context. Wang is the author of numerous publications, including Understanding Modern Calligraphy: Artistic Transformation of Modern and Avant-Garde (Jiangsu Education Press, 1994); Art Must Die: from Chinese Painting to Modern Ink Painting (Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Publishing House, 2006); After Concept: Art and Criticism (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 2006); The Rise of Critical Art: Chinese Problem Situations and Theories of Liberal Society (Alte Brüke Verlag, 2011); Modern Art and Avant-garde: Interface of Clement Greenberg’s Critical Theory (Shanghai University Press, 2014); Art, Institutions and Law: a Results of the International Exchanges (Alte Brüke Verlag, 2012); A Post-colonial Honor: The Chinese-ness of Art and the Chinese identity of Artists (Alte Brüke Verlag, 2012); and Obstacles of Calligraphy: Neo-classical Calligraphy, Popular Calligraphic Style, Modern Calligraphy (Shanghai University Press, 2014).
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Art Arises at the Edge of Contemplation: My Critical Art Theory
Volume 17, Number 3, May/June 2018
by Wang Nanming
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