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Xiang Liping
Xiang Liping is a Ph.D. candidate at the China Academy of Art, Beijing. Since joining the Biennale office at the Shanghai Art Museum in 2006, she has been responsible for building and improving the Biennale brand, involving every aspect of preparations for different Shanghai Biennales. From 2011, she was in charge of writing the feasibility report on founding a state-run contemporary art museum, Power Station of Art (PSA). She has been Head of the Exhibitions Department at PSA SINCE 2013. Her curated exhibitions include the 7th Shanghai Biennale (2008), The End of the Brush and Ink Era: Chinese Landscape (2011), Copyleft: Appropriation Art in China (2015), and Datong Dazhang (2015). She has written extensively for various publications.
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The Birth of Superman: On the Solo Exhibition Datong Dazhang
Volume 15, Number 3, May/June 2016
by Xiang Liping
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