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Dreamscape no. 0804 (2015)
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Huang Zhiyang

No. 8

Huang Zhiyang

Title: Dreamscape no. 0804 (2015)
Media: Silkscreen print
Dimension: 197 x 328 mm
Edition Size: 199

Price: USD 600 plus shipping

Huang Zhiyang was born in Taipei in 1965. He was one of the pioneering artists who helped to build the contemporary Taiwanese art scene in the 1980s and 90s. He has participated in prominent exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale (1995) and Inside/Out (1998). After his move to Beijing in 2006, he has remained active in the Chinese as well as the international art scenes. His work has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai (2006); the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei (2006); the Venice Biennale (2011); the Guangzhou Triennial (2012); and the Shanghai Expo (2010). In 2014, his solo exhibition The Phenomenology of Life: Chapters in a Course of Study was opened at the National Museum of China; in 2015 his granite sculpture Possessing Numerous Peaks was selected to be featured in a public art project in Vancouver, and it will be displayed at the heart of downtown on West Georgia Street.

This silkscreen limited edition was originated from Huang Zhiyang's acrylic ink painting titled Zoon—Dreamscape No. 0804 (2008). The painting uses mineral-based pigments and traditional splash-ink technique to render the rich layering of colours. Curator Chia Chi Jason Wang thinks the Zoon series, which began in 1996, was the artist's major breakthrough. Because of the massive canvases used in this work, Huang Zhiyang often had to paint on the floor and to rely on his body movement to apply his brush strokes. His work is unique in a sense that he is able to break through the established norms of traditional ink painting and to actively address contemporary social issues. His art often emerges from his exploration of life and of the rich array of art mediums. According to Chia Chi Jason Wang, the Zoon—Dreamscape series "can be seen as a projection of the artist's own intuitive apprehension and uneasiness about settling down in Beijing......"