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Great Criticism - Wang Guangyi (2009)
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Wang Guangyi

No. 5

Wang Guangyi

Title: Great Criticism - Wang Guangyi (2009)
Media: Serigraph
Dimension: 210 x 295 mm
Edition Size: 200

Price: USD 600 plus shipping

Signed by the artist; produced by A Space Art, Beijing.

Wang Guangyi (b. 1957) is a central figure of the Political Pop movement and recognized as a leader of the New Art Movement in China established in the 1980s. He is most recognized for the socio-political paintings and prints from his Great Criticism series begun in 1998. Through his use of the Chinese political icons and symbols of Western commercialism, his images respond to the deeply engrained legacy of propaganda experienced in China during the Cultural Revolution. Originally painted in 2005, in this work the artist uses his own name as a substitute for luxury brand names common to his Great Criticism series. By calling attention to the consumer legacy of his own cmercial success, Wang provides cheeky commentary on the experience of China's changing society.